We're getting a KILN!

Our kiln drying services will be available exclusively to our custom sawmilling customers! We expect to have it up and running mid to late August.

Cleveland Creek Log Furniture is one of Colorado's largest log furniture shops and for good reason! They utilize a variety of Colorado forest products to create a full selection of custom pieces.

Find unique, Colorado grown lumber cut from our mill. Urban, Beetle Kill, and Forest Fire Ponderosa are all available for purchase. Click the pic to visit Rocky Blue Woodwork's inventory.

Visit our YouTube channel or view pictures behind the scenes to get to know our operation a little better!

Rocky Blue Woodworks features a finer approach to a rustic theme utilizing the awesome colors of Beetle-Killed Pine combined with unique, hand-crafted furniture designs.

Need a Pro? These local contractors use

Colorado Forest Products from our sawmill!

We have an exclusive contract with city foresters to utilize urban logs removed by the city. Just pick out your log and send us a cut list. It's easy and affordable!

Lose a tree to a storm, construction, or disease? Turn it into usable lumber and keep it forever. Our sawmill is even compact enough to fit in alley ways!